Strategic objective

To engage and seek feedback from external stakeholders on sustainability issues that result from our business operations.      

FY12 actions


Looking forward – FY13 actions

Develop a consistent approach to community engagement and consultation for all masterplanned community projects.
  • Completed an internal draft suggesting steps to community consultation for Development projects.
  • Engage with Mirvac's key tenants to achieve sustainability outcomes.
  • Engage with industry and government on key sustainability initiatives.
  • Host industry/investor events to increase awareness of Mirvac’s sustainability strategy.
  • Keep abreast of residential customers’ needs to understand valued sustainable design inclusions.
Develop innovative ideas to inform existing and potential customers of sustainable design features of Mirvac buildings.
  • Produced case studies on a project-specific basis; and conducted sustainability site tours and other events to engage broader customer base. 
  • Provided new customers with home-owner manuals which included information on sustainability design features.
Implement generic green lease clauses endorsed by Mirvac Legal.
  • Created green lease clauses for standard commercial leasing contracts.
Implement a project to engage with Mirvac’s key tenancies to achieve joint sustainability outcomes.
  • Engaged with key tenants to deliver joint sustainability outcomes including building plant and lighting upgrades.
  • Conducted energy audits to reduce energy consumption across the Mirvac Property Trust.
Map how information is communicated to our external stakeholders across various business units.
  • Shared key contacts within the business to provide sustainability information to external stakeholders.
Streamline the provision of sustainability information to stakeholders to encourage and promote sustainability excellence.
  • Integrated sustainability information across Group communications and investor relations, including quarterly results announcements, annual report and annual review.
Continue to research Mirvac’s residential customers to understand changing demographic characteristics and preferences in terms of sustainable design.
  • Completed an analysis of existing information and identified the potential to develop a future survey.
Plan employee participation in a Mirvac sponsored charity or community day.
  • Formalised Mirvac’s volunteer policy which offers one day annually to volunteer for a community group or charity.
  • The Investment Division implemented a Mirvac community day and 167 employees attended.

Engage with industry and government by representing Mirvac in line with Mirvac’s goal of sustainability excellence.

  • Engaged with industry sustainability events and industry groups which included:
    • becoming a Major Climate Partner in support of initiatives of The Climate Institute;
    • continuing our partnership as a key supporter of the Bond University Mirvac School of Sustainable Development, Queensland;
    • sponsoring Green Building Council of Australia events; 
    • engaging as an active signatory to the Investor Group for Climate Change;
    • being a signatory of the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment.
  • Contributed to the development of various sustainability initiatives such as our involvement in the Green Star Communities Rating Tool.
  • Involved with various industry group roundtables such as the City of Sydney Better Building Partnership, CitySwitch and Earth Hour.

Host internal events, inviting key speakers from industry and Mirvac’s investors.

  • Hosted an investor day in May 2012 with a focus on sustainability.
  • Conducted a Green Star tour of the Sirius building in February 2012.
 Develop processes to embed the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment into the business.
  •  Completed a review of Mirvac Property Trust investment processes to scope inclusions of the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment in 2013.